Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sinister Captain Hook

In my previous post, I introduced all of you to my hero, the tooth fairy. But now I would like to introduce you all to a rather frightenting villain by the name of "Hook", well, Captain Hook.

I am particularly frightened by this man because he terrorizes fairies, whom I love. When poor little tinkerbell was held in the clutches of Captain Hook, she put on a brave face. But had Peter Pan been unable to save her, who knows what he would have done?

Despite all of this, when I was little I was absolutely obsessed with the story of Peter Pan. I played "The Lost 'Girls'" with my friends, tried to convince my teachers that I had no shadow, and occasionally would have terrible nightmares about how the evil Captain would scrape his hook up against my window and snatch me from my bedside.

I would toss and turn in my sleep because I had dreamt that he had tied me up, and I had attempted to wriggle myself free. I still fear him quite a bit, but I have yet to have a nightmare as terrifying as the ones he haunted me in, in a very long time. Nontheless, he is still a villain, a menace to Neverland, and a cold heart.


  1. I love how you have prominently featured a shadow! And the hair is perfect. :D

    Did you know about the novel based on Barrie's own idea for more Pan adventure? Hook isn't it in, though, of course...



  2. This is a really strong draft. Your re-shoot of the images allowed you to create a more haunted (and even romantic) tone. The shadows are great, especially as they echo as a theme in the writing. Your text approach is similar to Toothie, but I would consider a new draft that pulls the reader into the narrative and fear more directly. We can read about him from a distance here and drawing us into that world might bring the power of the images and story to a new level.