Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Alas, here she is in all of her glory, captured on film, TOOTHIE! My favorite fairy of all time! As a little girl, I dreamed of having my teeth fall out just so I could catch her leaving me crisp $2 bills underneath my warm pillow. In my minds eye, I imagined us frolicking together in the forrest she called her home, filled with fairies.

I imagined sitting in her miniature house, with her serving me hot cocoa with marshmallows, and showing me her secret stash of coins and such. I imagined looking around her closet filled to its brim with all kinds of sparkly objects, like gems, fairy dust, and coins.

I had heard from people older than I, that eventually the tooth fairy stops coming, and she fades into a memory. Sometimes I would cry at the thought, because Toothie meant so much to me. She had never harmed me, and was there every single time I had lost my precious baby tooth. I don't see her anymore, but she will always be my hero, even if I only spent a few years with her.

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  1. strong work, zoe. images are well edited and chosen, and your tone for the text is just right. the visual style has a great vintage look, which echoes the nature of looking back at a childhood character like this. if you have additional info about the tooth fairy in culture that could be added without taking away from the 1st-person narrative, it may add another rich level. plan to work now on your "villain" piece.