Monday, September 14, 2009

I am awake, unfortunately. I had a late night last night, partying ‘til six am and then realized I had school in two hours. I guess I was excited to see all of my friends and teachers again, but nonetheless, I am back at school, imprisoned by work, and consumed by sleep deprivation. Junior year is impressively different than sophomore year. Last year I would spend maybe an hour-and-a-half on homework, this year I am up until I fall asleep. My friends are still the same; we all laugh and chat in the court yard, telling great stories of our summers and weekend adventures. My friends are like coffee, they keep me up and happy. Most of my teachers have changed. The ones I have stayed with I am happy about, the new faces I am still glad to see. The people at school are great, the institution is great, it’s just the emotionally and physically draining act of doing homework that I am tired by. Ahh school.

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