Friday, February 26, 2010

Grid Project Part 1


  1. Zoe your work is really moving, especially the last triptych. You've managed to create a range of emotions throughout your "grids". I feel like maybe the image of your mother breaks the feeling of the last one however, maybe it would look better as a diptych and leave the viewer to draw his or her own emotions about the images? While I love the shot of your mother alone I feel its a bit too literal in this context where as the other two are a bit more abstract.

  2. All of your grids tell a story while using light and different depths of field to convey that story. While the look of many of the photos contrast, the story connects them in a unique way. I really like that approach because it gives you lots of possibilities.


  3. wow all of these are super impressive i really really liked them a lot zoho!!