Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Macro Series


  1. wow zo these are so amazing i absolutetly love your water droplets

  2. desktop background material right hizzerrr!!!!
    zoe up in the iizzarr!!!
    "yeah, my friend zoe just beasted nina v and jessy p at photography, no big deal"
    legit beaut pics' brah
    i like dogs
    however musical lyrics fit the tone of everything in life
    why are flowers those colors? did you ever think of that?
    the raindrops add a melodic breeze to the composition, amazing, scintillating, and refreshing to say the least
    keep it up kid
    and we'll get somewhere in life

  3. absolutly beautiful zoe. i love the first one so much. also the daisy one and the one with only the bottom of the pink tullip.